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Our Vision & Values

To create a legacy empowering our ventures to succeed, while doing right and giving back.

We strongly believe in our core values and hold ourselves and, one another, accountable to them in all we do. 

Our Team

LJRM is led by a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience driving and operating successful businesses across multiple industries.
The team have come together to invest and grow promising businesses. We seek to invest in inspiring leaders who are passionate about what
they do, have fresh and innovative ideas, and share our core values. 

The values LRJM stands for is our differentiator from other VCs in the market.  We strive to do the “right” vs. the “best”.  “Right” by owners, partners and team members. We are passionate, grounded, experienced and, most importantly, we care and hold true to these values. As we are investing in the business we have a vested interest in the success of our investments. 


We strive for legacy in all we do. We aim to make meaningful investments to build sustainable businesses that will leave their own legacies.
The success of our investments is our legacy.

Photograph of Mike Shami, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at LJRM Legacy Investments Incs.

Michael Shami 

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • LinkedIn

Mike Shami is an experienced and accomplished business professional who built a career in the automotive industry, with over 20 years of experience. Through hard work and dedication, Mike gained a wealth of  knowledge and experience in the industry. As an executive he worked closely with the owners to grow and scale the Cowell Auto Group over his 18 year tenure until it was successfully acquired by the Go Auto Group in 2021.  Mike continued to stay on in his role until exiting the Auto Industry at the end of 2022 having achieved the highest possible accolades in his career, and having followed through on his commitments to the owners and most importantly the employees.

Throughout his career, Mike has demonstrated a strong work ethic, passion for the automotive industry, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. He is known and respected for his ability to build and lead high-performing teams, his strategic thinking, his drive for excellence, and always placing those around him first.


In addition to his success in the automotive industry, Mike is a very successful investor. His investment strategies and skills have helped him achieve significant financial gains and build a strong diversified portfolio of investments.

Photograph of Robbie Birkner, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at LJRM Legacy Investments Incs.

Robert Birkner

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • LinkedIn

Robert (Robbie) is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with a solid track record of growing and managing businesses across various continents.  With close to 25 years of experience in the corporate world, Robbie has developed his expertise in strategic planning, financial management and operations. 

Robbie's last venture, HEXONET (founded 2009), is an internet company focusing on domains and value-added-services. He and his partners sold it to the publicly traded through CentralNic Group Plc in 2019.  

Widely recognized for his exceptional leadership skills, Robbie has the honed skills to motivate and inspire teams to achieve outstanding results.  Robbie has a keen eye for identifying market opportunities and is adept at developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers and clients.

Photograph of Marie Lanyon, Chief Marketing Officer at LJRM Legacy Investments Incs.

Marie Lanyon

Chief Marketing Officer

  • LinkedIn

Marie is a seasoned marketing leader, consultant and presenter with over 20 years of experience working with businesses and individuals she deeply believes in. Passionate about supporting others in effectively communicating and marketing their messages, Marie brings her expertise in brand strategy, global team leadership, acquisition integration / communications, and brand development to every project.


With extensive experience working in both the public and private sectors, Marie’s work catalogue captures initiatives and positions from a variety of industries. From education, to food and beverage, to tech and beyond, Marie has a proven track record of building meaningful results and successful teams. She believes in setting teams and organisations up for long term success, often mentoring others in their own marketing career journeys. 


With her extensive experience and diverse skill set, Marie Lanyon continues to make a positive impact by collaborating with businesses and individuals who share her passion and values.

We want to hear from you.

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